NEF is fully dedicated to students. When you buy a course, there is no need to worry about customer support. With over 2,000 students and counting, you cannot go wrong with NEF. To find out more about the programs offered, see the brief descriptions of the coursework and programs below and click here for NEF’s website.

Construction Bookkeeping Technician (CBT) is a certification course that will teach participants how to set up and operate a simple bookkeeping system for a construction company. Specifically, the course will teach both simple and complex bookkeeping systems as either a bookkeeper or under a bookkeeper in one part of the system.

Certified Construction Associate (CCA) is an advanced, six-part, self-study course in construction terminology, procedures and processes.

Construction Document Specialist (CDS)  Part One: CDS Construction Working Drawings and Project Manual: This book deals with interpreting information conveyed from the architect/engineer to the contractor by way of a legal document and with implementing that fundamental understanding.
Part Two: Introduction to Construction Estimating and Scheduling.

The Construction Industry Specialist (CIS) is a certificate program created for those individuals wishing to increase their overall knowledge of the construction industry. This comprehensive introductory look at the construction industry will prepare the participant for further training and educational opportunities needed in the various construction career pathways.

Construction Industry Technician (CIT) In an effort to provide the most up-to-date educational opportunities, NAWIC Education Foundation has developed the Construction Industry Technician Program (CIT), which incorporates the latest changes in the Industry. The CIT represents an overview of the construction industry and its processes. Lessons to be covered include such subjects as type of construction, forms of business ownership, contractual arrangements, contract documents, and the construction process.

Accessory Structure Project  Accessory Structure Project is the latest program from NEF. This program is a cross-curriculum team project that promotes awareness of the construction industry.

Block Kids Building Competition  Block Kids building competition is a national building competition that is sponsored on the local level by NAWIC chapters and other organizations.

The CAD/Design/Drafting Competition is a contest designed for senior high school students. The contest provides recognition to students for creative design, successful problem solving and craftsmanship in preparing architectural drawings.